We are working with several restaurants & franchise owners & ensure their finances are invariably in order, easily accessible, and accurate all the time. We help restaurant owners pinpoint gaps within their business and grow more profitably.

We help restaurant owners increase their profit margins

We know that your business model isn't the simplest and that a lot happens between sourcing food, paying staff, and putting food on the table.
We’re here to help things run more smoothly – from cash flow issues, to profit margins, and streamlining internal processes.

Serving fresh ideas to

In the restaurant industry, change is always on the menu due to shifting customer preferences, emerging new technologies and intense competition. As the industry constantly evolves, business owners need a trusted advisor who can help them adopt effective strategies.

outsourced restaurant accounting
outsourced restaurant accounting

While You Focus On Recipes, We Focus On Numbers!

Operating a restaurant is hard work. But your accounting, payroll and taxes should be simple and easy. That’s why it is important to work with experts who understand your industry.

We will help you integrate and simplify your accounting and payroll with industry best practices. We will set up your reporting to track and report profitability by revenue source and help you take advantage of key tax credits like the FICA Tip Credit and R&D tax credit.

Tech-Enabled Solutions

We streamline your POS, Inventory, and Accounting Systems.

We help restaurant owners automate their entire accounting process, which includes integrating the POS, payroll and accounting systems together into one unified solution.

We ensure

Your restaurant POS system connect with your accounting software

POS system assist with inventory management

Time system connect with your payroll system

Payroll system connect with your accounting software

We help making the right choice from available tools in the market and ensure result-driven output.

Our Restaurant Accounting Services Include

Books setup

Receipt automation

Tracking inventory & COGS

FICA Tip and R&D Tax Credits

Monthly reconciliations

Tracking Prime Cost

Monthly reporting

Excise, Sales and Use Tax

POS integration

Accrual basis accounting

Gusto Payroll management

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